DAD: Whatever you want it to be.

DAD: Talk about life, love, meaning, experiences, entrepreneurship. Be inquisitive, learn about people

DAD: Regret comes in two forms: regretting doing something you wish you hadn’t done, and regretting not doing something you wish you would have done.

DAD: Stop blaming others and take responsibility for the circumstances of your life.

DAD: Health, purpose, freedom, privacy, friendship and good food.

DAD: Background” stress is a constant and continuous level of stress brought about by too many life demands

DAD: it’s not realistic to enjoy every part of your day. Just enjoy the small moments.

DAD: There is no correlation between high levels of intelligence and high levels of financial wealth.

DAD: Our basic needs never change. The need to be seen and appreciated, the need to belong and the need for a little love!

DAD: This phrase means "Sweeter after difficulties" It reminds you that nothing good comes easily.