DAD: Time is incredibly precious. Waste it wisely.

DAD: Talking about doing something and actually doing it are two very different things

DAD: Kaizen means “perpetual incremental improvement,”. Doing small things a little bit better each day.

DAD: If you commit to too much, you don’t give quality to all of the things you’re committed to.

DAD: In order to improve your time management, you must first improve your habits.

DAD: Background” stress is a constant and continuous level of stress brought about by too many life demands

DAD: it’s not realistic to enjoy every part of your day. Just enjoy the small moments.

DAD: Most successful people develop good habits over time and perfect their habits. These habits have made them successful.

DAD: I always get the important stuff done first and don’t waste time on stupid shit!

DAD: Practice rituals one at a time and then let them build on one another.