DAD: Quiet leaders don’t raise their voices. They listen more than they talk

DAD: Spending 10,000 hours focusing on getting better and better.

DAD: Kaizen means “perpetual incremental improvement,”. Doing small things a little bit better each day.

DAD: It is a Greek word which means the highest human good – the good life, in other words.

DAD: The things that make life great can’t be bought. Money can only help extend your options.

DAD: Don’t strive to be perfect. Just ensure you bring genuine effort into everything you do.

DAD: There is no correlation between high levels of intelligence and high levels of financial wealth.

DAD: Mistakes are normal. Focus on what you need to do to get better and move on.

DAD: Whenever you take the easy way in favour of what's right, you slowly destroy your character.

DAD: Sport helps me to understand leadership, resilience, passion and instinct.