DAD: Whatever you want it to be.

DAD: Never. Worrying doesn't change outcomes. Worrying ruins your day. Worrying distracts you from the work at hand.

DAD: To discover the best way to unleash my potential.

DAD: Spending 10,000 hours focusing on getting better and better.

DAD: The things that make life great can’t be bought. Money can only help extend your options.

DAD: Perfectionists are motivated to make the best choice every time. This can lead to decision paralysis.

DAD: It doesn’t matter how fast you move as long you are moving in a worthwhile direction.

DAD: I always get the important stuff done first and don’t waste time on stupid shit!

DAD: If you want to be in control, start by letting go of control and see if things start to take care of themselves.