DAD:  The Pygmalion Effect is how the power of positive thinking can result in positive outcomes—just by changing your perspective. 

DAD: Don’t strive to be perfect. Just ensure you bring genuine effort into everything you do.

DAD: If you are going to be defined by something, it might as well be something that you love.

DAD: Don’t live the same day over and over again and call it a life!  Dream. Try.  Explore. 

DAD: You have to remain consistent, don' strive for perfection and learn to say “No” more often.

DAD. Experimentation is a necessary ingredient for success. They allow you to make mistakes and shoot for the moon.

DAD: The unknown is not to be feared. It is merely something you’ve yet to experience.

DAD: Roy “Doc” Halladay was an incredible and generous human being. He also happened to be a phenomenal baseball superstar.

DAD: It’s not always about trying to figure things out. Sometimes it’s about allowing things to reveal themselves.

DAD: Neither. Motivate people by sharing context about the work they are doing. People are motivated when their work has relevance.