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DAD: By not being present, we scatter ourselves; and that scattering causes us to look for fulfillment in the wrong places.

DAD: Never. Worrying doesn't change outcomes. Worrying ruins your day. Worrying distracts you from the work at hand.

DAD: Talk about life, love, meaning, experiences, entrepreneurship. Be inquisitive, learn about people

DAD: Talking about doing something and actually doing it are two very different things

DAD: Find a balance between being 100% honest and hurting people. This is a critical skill to learn.

DAD: it’s not realistic to enjoy every part of your day. Just enjoy the small moments.

DAD: Don’t strive to be perfect. Just ensure you bring genuine effort into everything you do.

DAD: Knowing how to be quiet teaches you how to formulate your thoughts. The quiet unhurried mind understands the most.

DAD: Our basic needs never change. The need to be seen and appreciated, the need to belong and the need for a little love!

DAD: At the end of each day, breathe deeply, appreciate where you are, and see the value in what you have.