DAD: Regret comes in two forms: regretting doing something you wish you hadn’t done, and regretting not doing something you wish you would have done.

DAD: All successful leaders lead with empathy. Empathy drives purpose and purpose drives results.

DAD: It is a Greek word which means the highest human good – the good life, in other words.

DAD: A "reverse bucket list" reminds you of what you have already done and makes you feel inspired instead of overwhelmed.

DAD: Stop blaming others and take responsibility for the circumstances of your life.

DAD: Give the help you wish others would give you when you need help.

DAD: When you worry too much, it is easy to mistake your worries for reality, instead of recognizing that they are just thoughts.

DAD: Guilt is self hate. Self hate destroys optimism. Be kind to yourself everyday.

DAD: Empathy, understanding and positive encouragement are the foundations from which to teach people.