DAD: By not being present, we scatter ourselves; and that scattering causes us to look for fulfillment in the wrong places.

DAD: Quiet leaders don’t raise their voices. They listen more than they talk

DAD: Talk about life, love, meaning, experiences, entrepreneurship. Be inquisitive, learn about people

DAD: If you don’t have any critics, you’re doing something wrong.

DAD:  EQ or emotional intelligence, is being able to recognize, understand and manage your emotions and the emotions of others.

DAD: Yes. Accept the possibility that you will be wrong. Don’t be arrogant. Be curious.

DAD: Your track record for getting through hard days is 100% so far.

DAD: Silence helps us to eliminate distractions from our daily life.

DAD: A "reverse bucket list" reminds you of what you have already done and makes you feel inspired instead of overwhelmed.