DAD: By not being present, we scatter ourselves; and that scattering causes us to look for fulfillment in the wrong places.

DAD: Find a balance between being 100% honest and hurting people. This is a critical skill to learn.

DAD: If you don’t have any critics, you’re doing something wrong.

DAD: To discover the best way to unleash my potential.

DAD: Stop blaming others and take responsibility for the circumstances of your life.

DAD: In order to improve your time management, you must first improve your habits.

DAD: Perfectionists are motivated to make the best choice every time. This can lead to decision paralysis.

DAD: Most successful people develop good habits over time and perfect their habits. These habits have made them successful.

DAD: Don’t strive to be perfect. Just ensure you bring genuine effort into everything you do.

DAD: Whenever you take the easy way in favour of what's right, you slowly destroy your character.