Delayed Gratification

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DAD: Advertisers trick you into wanting stuff. Ignore the noise.

DAD: Sometimes you forced to do unpleasant things in order to make you happy later. That is called sacrifice.

DAD: It means being creative, rebellious, determined, and unstoppable. It means asking for help, but not waiting for help.

DAD: Canadian households owe a $1.71 for every dollar they earn. Scary.

DAD: If you ever wonder where your money went to at the end of the month, it is probably hidden in frivolous trinkets that you didn't need

DAD: A credit card is money that does not belong to you. It is not free, and the longer you take to pay it off, the more it costs you.

DAD: i.Assess the damage Understand the root cause, Change your habits today

DAD: Just get rid of the “how to”.

DAD: Each day I plan to live a little better, love a little bigger and breathe a little easier.

DAD: If you are emulating what someone else does or has, you aren’t taking your own values and goals into account.