DAD: Never. Worrying doesn't change outcomes. Worrying ruins your day. Worrying distracts you from the work at hand.

DAD: Carrying too much debt causes more than budgeting problems; it can cause stress and personal problems, too.

DAD: Good money habits starts at home. Most kids learn about their relationship with money from their parents.

DAD: The things that make life great can’t be bought. Money can only help extend your options.

DAD: Any time you are about to spend money, count to ten slowly and consider how this purchase may impact your life.

DAD: This method helps you to pay off debts with the smallest amount owed first.

DAD: Background” stress is a constant and continuous level of stress brought about by too many life demands

DAD: On the contrary, spending less brings more joy.

DAD: Don’t finance things that go down in value