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DAD: Any time you are about to spend money, count to ten slowly and consider how this purchase may impact your life.

DAD: This method helps you to pay off debts with the smallest amount owed first.

DAD: Canadian households owe a $1.71 for every dollar they earn. Scary.

DAD: A credit card is money that does not belong to you. It is not free, and the longer you take to pay it off, the more it costs you.

DAD: If you have a safe place to sleep, reasonable health and food in the fridge, you're probably have enough.

DAD:  I don’t know if I have a hard number, but it’s definitely less than 100%. We all have way too much stuff.

DAD: Our credit card statements are unintentional personal manifestos. In stark detail, these statements lay out how we spend our money and our time. How we spend our money says something about us and about our values.

DAD: No. No. No. If you fail to pay your credit card in full (and on time), it will have a negative impact on your credit score.

DAD: Your impulses are largely focused around getting gratification in the moment.If you want to experience the best life has to offer, you can’t be focused on short-term impulses.