Being a parent is by far the most difficult job in the world and all parents have the best intentions to always be there for their kids 24/7. The reality is that life is pretty crazy and most of us are trying to do the best for our kids.

This site will serve as an avenue for me to try to answer my kids’ questions about life, money, love, career, values and making their mark on the world. For me, the questions are more important than the answers. The fact that my kids still come to dad with their questions is a big deal. The questions and answers are deliberately brief and to the point so that we can digest and move on with our busy lives. I hope that you will find some interesting Dad perspectives along the way and please share my “mini posts” on your favourite social media platforms.

Dad Questions

DAD: You should consider whether you saved $100 or spent $300 on something you did not need.

DAD: When it comes to understanding money, ignorance is not bliss.