Being a parent is by far the most difficult job in the world and all parents have the best intentions to always be there for their kids 24/7. The reality is that life is pretty crazy and most of us are trying to do the best for our kids.

This site will serve as an avenue for me to try to answer my kids’ questions about life, money, love, career, values and making their mark on the world. For me, the questions are more important than the answers. The fact that my kids still come to dad with their questions is a big deal. The questions and answers are deliberately brief and to the point so that we can digest and move on with our busy lives. I hope that you will find some interesting Dad perspectives along the way and please share my “mini posts” on your favourite social media platforms.

Dad Questions

DAD: By not being present, we scatter ourselves; and that scattering causes us to look for fulfillment in the wrong places.

DAD: Whatever you want it to be.

DAD: Never. Worrying doesn't change outcomes. Worrying ruins your day. Worrying distracts you from the work at hand.

DAD: Quiet leaders don’t raise their voices. They listen more than they talk

DAD: Time is incredibly precious. Waste it wisely.

DAD: Advertisers trick you into wanting stuff. Ignore the noise.

DAD: Talk about life, love, meaning, experiences, entrepreneurship. Be inquisitive, learn about people

DAD: Talking about doing something and actually doing it are two very different things

DAD: Find a balance between being 100% honest and hurting people. This is a critical skill to learn.

DAD: If you don’t have any critics, you’re doing something wrong.

DAD: To discover the best way to unleash my potential.

DAD: “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

DAD: Restaurant eating is convenient, but very expensive on a tight budget.

DAD: Spending 10,000 hours focusing on getting better and better.

DAD:  EQ or emotional intelligence, is being able to recognize, understand and manage your emotions and the emotions of others.

DAD: Low stress. Good people around you. Being good everyday.

DAD: Kaizen means “perpetual incremental improvement,”. Doing small things a little bit better each day.

DAD: Regret comes in two forms: regretting doing something you wish you hadn’t done, and regretting not doing something you wish you would have done.

DAD:  The Pygmalion Effect is how the power of positive thinking can result in positive outcomes—just by changing your perspective. 

DAD: Yes. Accept the possibility that you will be wrong. Don’t be arrogant. Be curious.

DAD: Carrying too much debt causes more than budgeting problems; it can cause stress and personal problems, too.

DAD: All successful leaders lead with empathy. Empathy drives purpose and purpose drives results.